Sailing at Keyport Yacht Club

We took the boys to visit my parents on their sailboat on its mooring at the Keyport Yacht Club. Although we weren’t able to take the boat out for a real sail around the bay, Dad did load the boys into the dinghy for some brief expeditions, and they all enjoyed rides on the KYC launch. Here are some of the day’s best shots.

I also uploaded a much more extensive gallery of pictures from the day to this Flickr gallery.

Zaphod models a bright orange Personal Flotation Device (otherwise known as a life-jacket) while riding the launch out to the boat.

Zaphod on Launch

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This is my parents’ boat, Windbairn. Dad took Ezra and Zeke out in the dinghy, and Mom and I followed with Zaphod and our bags in the launch. You can just make out Dad and one of the boys (I think Ezra) sitting in the bridge.


Ezra and Zeke are all smiles standing on the bridge of Windbairn as we approach on the launch.

Charlie Ezra and Zeke on Windbairn

This one here is the money-shot. Dad, Ezra and Zeke approach the Windbairn in the dinghy, returning from an expedition to one of the little beaches nearby.

Charlie Ezra and Zeke in the Windbairn Dinghy

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